Top 25 Best Fat Burning Supplements

6. PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

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This fat burner is manufactured by Transparent Labs and contains highly effective ingredients that have received very positive reviews. It also comes in a stimulant free version for those that don’t want stimulants in their fat burning supplements. It has an exclusive ingredient profile that encourages the quick burning of body fat while increasing metabolism in your body, as well as building and preserving lean muscle mass. This supplement does not contain any artificial ingredients, proprietary blend or fillers. It works to improve your metabolism and burn all the excessive fat in your body in a natural way.


Green tea
Cayenne Pepper
Acetyl L-Carnitine (in the stim-free version)


Increases metabolism.
Reduces body fat.
Suppresses appetite.
Contains no proprietary blend.


Highly priced.
Available online only.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.


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