Top 25 Best Fat Burning Supplements

15. Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock

Pure Formulas

This fat burning supplement by Cellucor offers intense energy as well as mental clarity. It contains Amla fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and helps in losing weight effectively. Also, one of the ingredients in this supplement is phyllemblin, which promotes vasodilation and sustains the rush of adrenalin in your body., This in turn, boosts your cellular energy and improves your muscle performance. This supplement works essentially through the promotion of your body’s adrenalin production, which significantly enhances weight loss. It also works to enhance your mental alertness. Moreover, caffeine has its own share in improving mental and physical performance as well.


Extract of Amla fruit
Extract of the bark of White willow
Octopamine HCl
Extract of the bark of Yohimbe
Evodiamine sclareolide
Extract of Passion flower


Increase in body’s energy levels.
Burns fat effectively.
Helps in weight loss.


Highly priced.
Not recommended for all.

Written by Mark Forge

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