Stop torturing yourself by eating clean


Stop Torturing Yourself by Eating Clean

It’s a common belief that the majority of people who succeed at weight loss are unable to keep the weight off long term. To me it comes as no surprise, because people don’t seem to understand how to change their eating habits. The truth why the majority fails is…

They don’t actually enjoy the food…

It’s that simple. Yes, you can convince yourself of the fact that the food is healthy, or that it has magical ‘fat burning’ properties (which is nonsense). But once you reach your target weight, you will most likely get back to what you ate before. In my opinion, that’s the main reason why around 80 percent of people are unable to maintain long term weight loss.

Results of random digit dial surveys indicate that ≈20% of people in the general population are successful at long-term weight loss maintenance. [1]

Think about it, why do you leave dirty dishes in the sink, until the sink is full, and you actually have to wash them? Okay, guilty, I used to do that, maybe you didn’t. But that’s not the point. The point is your mind generally wants to avoid doing unpleasant activities.

I believe the same principle applies to food, at least to some extent. You find a diet you think you can stick to, you reach your target weight, and then you go back to eating the way you used to, which made you fat in the first place. High five if you agree. So the question is…

How to stick to a ‘diet’ and never look back?

The answer is, again, very simple. Don’t pick a diet, rather create a personalized one around natural products, which you enjoy, and learn to cook with them.

“But cooking is so difficult and time consuming” – you might say. I thought the same at first, but it’s not.

Cooking is basically throwing everything in a pot, adding flavour using spices, and waiting for 30 minutes, occasionally stirring. That’s it. And there’s so many amazing recipes available on YouTube, Pinterest and other websites, that there’s absolutely no excuse not to do it.

What boggles my mind is how people are easily manipulated nowadays. They are ready to jump on whatever that’s trendy.

Like kale, for example. If you take a look at all the magazines, your Twitter feed, or whatever, kale is everywhere. Yes, it’s extremely nutrient dense, no doubt about it, but you don’t have to force feed yourself with kale.

It’s ridiculous. It tastes like crap and I can guarantee that no one, who is sane, will jump on a diet full of kale to reach their weight loss goals.

And this brings me to a comment I read on an article a few years ago, which left me face palming for a couple days.

There was an article on my local news website about green tea and its’ benefits, where someone left a comment that goes something like this:

“Does anyone know why I have severe stomach pains after I drink green tea? For some reason it always happens to me, but I still drink it because of its’ benefits.”

I can’t… It’s just… Just… Why? This person continues to drink a beverage, which gives her severe stomach pains, because it’s ‘healthy’. Just by remembering this comment, I start face palming again, I can’t help it.

My point is this. Stop jumping and following trends that all those pseudoscience-y glamour magazines publish. Think for yourself! You’ll be happy, you’ll be healthy and you’ll lose a ton of weight just by eating natural products.

Oh, by the way, the study also found interesting behavior patterns in people who managed to successfully keep the weight off. Take note. Although, I don’t agree on #2.

Findings from the registry suggest six key strategies for long-term success at weight loss: 1) engaging in high levels of physical activity; 2) eating a diet that is low in calories and fat; 3) eating breakfast; 4) self-monitoring weight on a regular basis; 5) maintaining a consistent eating pattern; and 6) catching “slips” before they turn into larger regains. Initiating weight loss after a medical event may also help facilitate long-term weight control. [2]

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.

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