25 Best Exercises for Ultimate Caloric Burn

21. The Belly Fat Losing Treadmill Exercise

This treadmill workout aims to reduce your belly fat and increase your endurance level. With this exercise you can enjoy the benefits of cardio and resistance training simultaneously. For this exercise you will have to:

Get started with a 5-10 minutes workout where you can jog at 2.5-3 mph.

Increase the pace to 4mph and run for one minute at this speed.

Now, start jogging slowly until your heart rate falls between 120-130 beats every minute.

End the exercise by slowing your pace and walking at a comfortable gait of 1-1.5 mph.

22. Sidewinder Treadmill Workout

Sidewinder treadmill workout is a HIIT walking-only exercise that targets your hips and tummy, improves your body balance and also improves your heart rate. Here’s what you have to do in the workout;

Begin your exercise with a 5 minutes warming-up session. During this session, gradually increase your treadmill speed from 2.4mph to 3.5 mph.

Now, do a 2 minutes side walking by setting the treadmill speed to 2.2 mph. Side walk for one minute facing your right and walk the other one minute facing your left. Increase the treadmill speed to 2.4mph and continue the exercise for 2 more minutes.

Follow this up with a 1 minute forward walking session at 4.5mph. After one minute, reduce the speed to 3.5mph and exercise the same way for 1 more minute.

Repeat the side walking session at 2.8 mph for 2 minutes and follow it up with a forward walking session for 1 minute at 4.5mph.

Now do another side walking session for 2 minutes at 2mph and a 5% incline.

Gradually end the HIIT treadmill exercise by reducing the speed from 2mph to 1mph

23. Use An Incline Treadmill

If you’re planning to shed those extra layers of fat, nothing can work better than an incline treadmill. Unlike the conventional treadmills, this treadmill comes with a separate motor that’ll help the treadmill to move along the high and low inclines. This in turn, will help you to lose weight by burning the extra calories from your body. When you walk or run on incline treadmills, it’ll give the same effect of running or walking on an uphill. This will make your body work harder resulting in the burning of calories.

24. Lunge Twist Exercise

If you are looking for exercises that will help you to lose weight right way, this is one exercise that will never let you down. To begin with this exercise, you will have to stand with both your legs wide while holding your hips. While doing this, make sure your knees are a little bent. Now start lifting your hands and get them aligned with your shoulders. Make sure they are parallel to the ground. Now slowly lunge forward. Do this by taking a big step with the help of your right leg. Right after this, try to sit as if you are sitting on a chair while making a ninety degree angle with the floor. In this regard, always ensure that your left leg is positioned slightly backwards and is perfectly supported by your toes. At the same time, your spine should also be perfectly straight. Don’t bend it at all. Try twisting your torsos from the rightward to the leftward motion. Repeat the exercise fifteen times.

25. Sit Ups & Crunches

Sit ups along with crunches are the best possible exercises to get rid of your tummy fat quickly. Remember, your excess fat is nothing other than stored energy. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, you will have to burn more calories than you consume. Sit ups is the most effective exercise in this respect. This works on every body type, and so, it’ll turn out to be an excellent option for you.

Besides indulging in the right exercise, you also have to try the right food. Make sure you incorporate a lot of fruits and veggies in your regime. Once you start thriving on fresh and nutritious food and perfectly couple it up with the right exercise, there’ll be no looking back in your weight loss regime. The exercises are simple, easy to perform and incredibly effective.

Written by Mark Forge

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