25 Best Exercises for Ultimate Caloric Burn

16. Cardio

Cardio exercise is another vital exercise for losing tummy fat. Try doing 45 minutes of cardio at least 3x/week to burn your fat quickly. Cardio exercise can be anything like walking, running, cycling or even jogging. While starting your workout, begin with a modest goal. For instance, you can plan around 3-4 10-20 minute cardio sessions in your first week of exercise. Eventually, increase the time slot from three to five minutes in the following weeks. Do this, until you reach the 30 minute sessions. Once you find a 30 minutes exercise (3x/week) manageable, try to increase the frequency of the exercise. Try to exercise about 150-minutes of moderate-intensity cardio sessions on a weekly basis.

17. Heavy Loads

This is the most common weight training exercise that will help you to lose that stubborn belly fat. Here, you will have to take a specific amount of load and lift it! Lifting the load will burn your calories and boost up your muscle building power. It will tone your muscles and give you the strength, which indeed is necessary for regular exercises.

18. Strength Training

Another excellent way to lose fat is by strength training. This training will use a couple of exercise machines and it’ll also involve you to lift free weights either at the gym or at home. The best way to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly is by doing it under expert supervision. In fact, you can even track the weight you use for the exercise. Ideally, it is better to increase weights after every couple of workouts. It is indeed very important to challenge yourself while exercising. Let your body do the guess work while you try different exercises. This in turn, will let you enjoy the best results in the shortest time. Working out your muscles with multiple exercises is indeed pretty necessary. Your toning effects are likely to be higher, once you do this. On top of that, the different exercises target your muscles differently. In this way, the scopes of having injuries are also quite less.

19. Reps

As the name suggests, reps are the total number of times you repeat a specific exercise. The amount of load you lift is likely to exhaust your muscles within your desired number of repetitions. The number of reps you should perform depends on the type of exercise you are indulging and it also depends on your training goals. If you want to get a perfectly lean body with well sculpted muscles then 8-10 reps per set of workouts will work just fine. Both repetition and heavy load training is equally effective for your body in terms of losing weight. However, if your goal is to get lean abs, load training will win the race. Again, load training is comparatively more suitable for younger people.

20. The 5-4-3-2-1 HIIT Treadmill Workout

The 5-4-3-2-1HIIT treadmill workout burns calories, boosts up your anaerobic capacity and also breaks the monotony of your same, conventional treadmill workout. For this exercise you will have to:

Begin with a 4 minutes warm up. In this warm-up, exercise on your treadmill at 3.4mph for the first 1 minute, 3.6mph for the second 1 minute, 3.8 for the third 1 minute and 4mph for the last 1 minute.

Now, do a hill-run session for 5 minutes at an incline of 2%. Begin at a speed of 4.4 mph and increase the speed every 30 seconds until you reach 5.6mph.

Slowly reduce the speed to 3.5mph. From here, do a 90 second treadmill exercise without the incline.

Follow this up with a 30 seconds sprint session at your maximum speed.

After this, do another 5 minutes of hill run session. Follow this up with a 4 minute treadmill workout at the speed of 3 mph. Do not set the incline during this workout.

Finally end the exercise with a 3 minute cool down. Reduce the speed every 60 seconds from 3.2, 2.8 to finally 2 mph.

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