25 Best Exercises for Ultimate Caloric Burn

11. Seated March

The next exercise for losing belly fat is called Seated March. For this exercise, simply sit on the stability ball while keeping your spine straight and your ab muscles on. Now, slowly begin a march by lifting the left and right knee alternating sides. Once you’re comfortable with the exercise, start lifting your knees higher and marching even faster. You can also bounce on the ball if you are comfortable with it. Repeat this workout after a break of 1-2 minutes.

12. Seated Balance

For this exercise, you will have to sit on the ball while keeping your spine straight and your ab muscles on. If you’re just getting started, keep your hands on the ball. Again, if you’re confident with your posture, keep your hands at the back of your head. Now lift your right foot off the floor and hold it in air for five minutes. After five minutes, do it alternatively with your left foot. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times and during thi, keep your abs tight for balance.

13. Tennis

Tennis is an excellent sport that helps you get full body exercise. It also keeps your heart rate high, burning lots of calories! But here too, you need to catch the balls instead of letting them bounce past you, only then you will be able to burn the excess fat and lose some real weight. Try to have a tennis session for 30 minutes 3x/week for best results.

14. Try Various Dance Forms

Dancing is another exercise that can be a great way to get rid of tummy fat. Try out the different kinds of dancing like belly dancing or ballroom dancing. You can either join a regular belly dancing session or practice it from CDs. Zumba is another excellent dance form that also turns out to be a great cardio workout.

15. Rock and Roll

You can also try the rock and roll exercise. For this one, simply kneel on the floor while keeping your elbows on the ball. Now, slowly lift your body till you are completely on your toes with a 45 degrees angle on the floor. Keep this position for a second and then relax. Repeat for a couple of times.

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