25 Best Exercises for Ultimate Caloric Burn

Do you often get bogged down with your bulky layers of belly fat? Are you looking out for natural ways to shed stubborn fat off of your tummy? Do you long for a flat stomach without having to take any artificial chemicals like protein shakes or pills? Are you looking for a simple exercise program that doesn’t involve difficult abdominal crunches?

Well, if you’re facing this issue, we’ve got an awesome solution for you. Yes, there’s an entirely natural way to lose fat! And guess what? It is none other than the right diet and regular exercise.

To begin with, you have to start eating a completely balanced, low-calorie meal. In this case, I’d suggest you avoid the processed, packaged food from the supermarket. Replace those packaged foods with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Add legumes and whole grains to your meal and have moderate amounts of fat-free dairy products and lean meats.

While starting with a low-fat diet, you will soon come to know that there are many scrumptious meals that will fill you up and won’t add much to your calorie count. For instance, if you go for a bowl of popcorn over a bowl of potato chips, you end up saving 95 calories. Also, if you eat fat-free vanilla yogurt topped with a half cup of strawberries instead of the prepackaged strawberries that are left at the bottom of your strawberry yogurt; you end up saving 105 calories.

Now, just as you’ve followed the right kind of diet, you can get started with the right kind of exercises. You can follow an easy cardio routine by doing exercises that are healthy for your heart, at least 5x/week. Studies have proved that individuals who also walk for 40-50 minutes at least 3x/week, lose as much as fat from their tummy as those dieters who only reduce a couple of calories.

The best and the most natural way to lose fat is 45 minutes of tedious exercise every day. This exercise can be anything you want. You can try quick walking, cardio exercises, cycling, or even jogging to shed those stubborn fat layers.

1. Running

If you are just starting out with a running routine, start by walking out of the door and traveling for about 15 minutes in one direction. Right after that, you can take a turn and walk back for 15 minutes. This will ensure that you run/walk at least half an hour a day.

While following this running routine, make sure that you do not run for the first five minutes. This will help you warm up and gain pace. Likewise, for the last five minutes too, do not run. This will help you to cool down and relax.

For the 20 minutes in between, you can either walk, jog or run. But here too, ensure that you don’t push yourself too hard and that you run with ease. Keep jogging until you start feeling really tired and fatigued (at least 30 seconds for beginners) and then you can walk until you gain your pace again.

Follow this rule throughout your running regime. The goal here would be to finally complete your workout at least 3x/week for about two weeks. This is an excellent workout for beginners to get accustomed with the nitty gritties of running.

2. High-Intensity Training

One of the best ways to burn 500 calories is by following a single yet extremely intense session of exercise. Start by warming up for the first three minutes. Right after that, pick up the intensity and push yourself as much as you can for the following 2 minutes. Then again, slow down for 3 minutes and follow it up by pushing yourself harder for the next 2 minutes. Repeat this exercise for 45 minutes every day, for a slim and lean tummy.

3. Belly Ball Exercise

You can try strength training along with cardio. Once you work your muscles, your belly fat will be reduced naturally. Taking a belly ball and working with it can also help you lose a huge chunk of tummy fat. It’ll cost you about $30, but if you’re really looking out for a natural way to lose fat; this is it. Lie down on your back, take the ball and try holding it in the middle of your legs for sixty seconds. You’ll get the hang of it easier than a traditional crunch. The book that’ll come along with your belly ball will have more details of some equally useful exercises.

4. Crunches

Another great and excellent exercise for your belly are crunches. You don’t really need any fancy equipment for this exercise, you simply have to lie on your back on a flat surface, start bending your knees for protecting your back and place your hands loosely at the back of your head. While looking straight at the ceiling, gently make upwards and downwards movements. Breathe every time you come up. Follow this exercise at least 3x/week for best results.

5. Squat and Squeeze Qxercise (Upper Body)

This is one of the most innovative combinations of a strength training and fat burning workout. In this exercise, you will have to squat low keeping your feet a little wider than your hips, while holding a 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand. Now, curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders, hold them and move these weights out along the sides. Do this, while squeezing both your shoulder blades. The effort you put in while using the dumbbells will help in muscle building, while the squat position will play a vital role in burning calories.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.

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