10 Shocking Facts Why You’ll Never Want Sugar in Your Diet

There’s no doubt that humans’ craving for sugar is deep-rooted and has been since the beginning of time. However, do you realize just how bad it is for your health? Sugar, or added sugar for that matter, is the wickedest ingredient in any diet. Forget all the bashing of salt and fat, sugar has mind-boggling harmful effects on your health and will, without a doubt, contribute to almost all the illnesses you can imagine of. Here are 10 troubling and haunting reasons why you’ll never want sugar in your diet.

1. Sugar Makes You and Your Organs Fat

With all due respect and without beating around the bush, sugar is definitely one of the reasons why both our present and future looks literally big/fat.

Obesity rates have doubled and, in some countries, tripled over the last 35 years Click To Tweet

According to some statistics, childhood and adolescent obesity rates have doubled and, in some countries, tripled over the last 35 years. One of the main reasons for this shocking study is the excess consumption of sugar-laden snacks and beverages, which not only makes the visceral fat cells to mature negatively, but also sets up stage for a big and fat belly. It, therefore, goes without saying you’re more likely to become overweight or obese by consuming excessive amounts of sugar.

2. Sugar Hammers and Damages Your Heart

Many people often expect sugar-curbing recommendations from associations dealing with diabetes such as the American Diabetes Association. However, they tend to forget just how massive impacts sugar has on the heart and even how diabetes and heart diseases are intricately connected. To shed a little light on this, 65% of deaths among type 2 diabetes patients are caused by heart diseases or stroke! Excess sugar consumption exposes your body to the risks of heart diseases and according to a study by American Heart Association, excessive presence of sugar in your body can ultimately affect the blood pumping mechanism of your heart, thus exposing your body to heart failure.

3. Sugar Causes the Deadly Diabetes

It’s been said, reported and written over and over that sugar causes diabetes, one of the killer diseases you’d never want to face in your lifetime. Insulin is one of the most crucial hormones in the body. However, added sugar enables excess insulin to enter the bloodstream, which in return, takes a toll on the blood vessels (arteries) by forcing cells to start burning glucose instead of fats. Cells will then become resistant, an action which will lead to a metabolic dysfunction where insulin will stop working. This insulin resistance is the lead cause of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and most specifically, type II diabetes.

Written by Mark Forge

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