10 Disgusting Facts Why Coca-Cola is Dangerous to Your Health

Being healthy is not just about going to the gym and having a good quality of life. It’s about being responsible and certainly being mindful of what you eat. Apart from proper consumption of fruits and vegetables, any health expert would tell you that you have to be mindful of what you take. In that regard, it’s no secret that Coke or soda isn’t good for you.

Coke not only contains shocking amounts of sugar but is also made from ingredients that will undoubtedly ruin your health. And despite the widely reported diseases that are caused by regular consumption of Coke, a bigger percent worldwide still admit to drinking the fizzy drink almost on a daily basis and even more than water! It’s perhaps time to share the sickening and factual facts that will make you never drink Coke again.

1. It Contains Appalling Amounts of SUGAR

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Sugar is arguably one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet. It’s one of the lead causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, obesity, and cancer. Now, imagine that a single can of soda (the brand doesn’t matter) contains 10 teaspoons of white granulated sugar! In most cases, these sodas are loaded with sugary sweeteners, which does nothing to your well-being if not destroy it.

Written by Mark Forge

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