Top Health and Fitness Apps This Year

There is literally an app for anything you could possibly need. Whether it’s an app to buy something, to organize something, to plan something, you can easily find it with a quick search. Fitness and health apps are especially popular and they even have their own category in the app stores.

No matter how complex or sophisticated the apps may (or may not) be, they do serve one main purpose – to get you moving! Here are some of the best fitness and health apps available right now – check it out!

Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio

Meditation and mental health are two of the most popular health and fitness topics out there right now. Meditation Studio makes it so much easier for you to meditate in the comfort of your own home. You can choose a meditation focus based on your own preference for that day. Even if you’ve never meditated before, this app can help guide you through it.


iPad Wisdom

Sworkit is an app full of different workout videos available for your viewing and working out pleasure! You can choose whichever you’d like; cardio, strength, stretching or even yoga. The results are syncable to other apps you use such as Google Fit or Apple Health. If you love the app and sign up for a paid subscription, you can speak with real trainers one on one if you have any questions about workouts!


Fit Style Life

Moves is a totally free app and it uses the GPS on your phone to keep track of distance and speed so it can tell you the exact distance between two points on a map, how quickly you walk it and the calories you burn while you’re doing it. It’s a great way to track the steps you take in a day, it even keeps track when you don’t have your data on.

Carrot Fit


Carrot Fit takes a humorous approach to fitness apps. The regular AI in fitness apps is nothing in comparison to Carrot Fit, who uses sarcasm and funny names for exercises “Mt. Doom Climbers” for example! This campy approach to fitness is so fun you’ll be motivated to do it just for that. If you lose weight, you gain in-app points and if you gain weight – you don’t want to see him mad!



TruBe is an app where you’re able to purchase personal training quick and easy with the touch of a button. Although the app is only in London right now, you can choose from over 300 different trainers specializing in things such as kickboxing and ballet.

Charity Miles

Sue Kauffman Fitness

The idea behind Charity Miles is not online is exercise going to benefit you personally, but it motivates you to help others as well! The app has partnered with numerous different companies who will all donate money based on how far you run. You can support over 40 different charities and the app itself adds a daily tracker so you can keep track of your personal distance and try to outdo yourself everytime, all while benefiting others who need it!


Shiny Shiny

Headspace is one of the most popular apps on the market right now in any category. Richard Branson and Gwyneth Paltrow have been cited as using the app regularly. It’s a meditation app and is especially useful for beginners. A free download will let you use the app for 10 minutes each day for 10 days, and a paid subscription will give you access to the many different meditation practices they have in their bank.


RiseToday is a subscription free app that lets you find different fitness classes in your area, book a spot and pay through the app! This app takes out the commitment of joining a gym as you can purchase it on a per class basis! You have the choice of a variety of different types of classes or boot-camps to choose from based on what you want to do that day, and what is closest to you!

Written by Mark Forge

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