10 Super Healthy Food Trends You Need to Eat This Summer

6. Trendy Toast

Whether you’re spreading your bread with sliced berries or pomegranate seeds, it’s a known fact that many of us aren’t done with trendy versions of avocado toast. This is a fun and healthy trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s still going strong this summer season. You should definitely look at this Instagram for some inspiration.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.

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  1. As someone who likes crazy food combos, that Ramen burger is going on my must try list. But then I’m going to have to spend a LOT more time on this site figuring out how to burn that extra fat off!

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