10 Super Healthy Food Trends You Need to Eat This Summer

4. Sushi Burrito

If you love sushi and are flexible enough to embrace fusion food, then sushi burrito is your thing. The sushi burrito is a brilliant way of combining the beloved Asian and Latin delicacies all in one. It’s an open-minded fusion that’s less complex to make than you think and brings together the best of both foods! If anything, the sushi burrito is downright brilliant, trendy, and can be enjoyed on the go, which makes it very ideal for any summer. It’s easy to over-stuff your burrito with unhealthy sauces or bonito flakes, so make sure you use healthy ingredients like fish and avocado in this fifteen-minute recipe from Spoon University.

Written by Mark Forge

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  1. As someone who likes crazy food combos, that Ramen burger is going on my must try list. But then I’m going to have to spend a LOT more time on this site figuring out how to burn that extra fat off!

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