How the media distorts the meaning of being fit


How the Media Distorts the Meaning of Being Fit

Open any magazine, watch any TV channel, go to YouTube and type ‘fitness’ – you’ll be instantly bombarded by muscular, shredded to the bone, veins thick like a thumb, guys that look like they can punch through a concrete wall. Same goes with women.

Any women’s magazine shows stick skinny, almost CGI like, models, with perfect breasts, lips, face symmetry, thigh gaps and other nonsense that is considered a ‘beauty standard’. This portrays a totally unrealistic picture of what being fit is to everyone who is not educated on the subject. Which is the majority.

Men’s fitness industry is a blatant lie.

Ninety nine percent of men who make their living off of looking good are generally fake. The majority of those physiques are achieved through the use of anabolic steroids. Don’t get me wrong, steroids are not the problem for me, since they can treat a variety of different diseases. [1]

The problem is that the people, who participate in this industry, blatantly lie through their teeth to naive and gullible kids by implying that they can develop a similar physique naturally.

All they need to do is train hard, eat clean and buy worthless by-products of the dairy industry, called whey protein. [2] Although, they leave out a small, but every important detail – how much testosterone they inject on a weekly basis.

But you don’t have to believe me, all you need to do is enable your critical thinkings skills and educate yourself on the subject. There are plenty of guys who are not afraid to speak out. They’ll tell you exactly what they go through during a cycle, what side effects they experience, and how many drugs they have to take in order to combat said side effects.

But what about women?

Women are a different story.

I feel like it’s different with women, because unlike men, women are more health conscious, which makes illegal drug abuse highly unlikely. After all, they don’t want to damage their body to the point where they are unable to have children, just for good looks.

Of course, there are some exceptions, where bodybuilding becomes their life and they absolutely have to inject testosterone to become big, but that’s rare and is generally perceived as freaky.

However, the media still manipulates women by cherry picking genetically gifted models to ‘inspire’ them to work towards that body. Marketing departments will invent workouts, gym equipment, guides, diets, you name it, based around body parts that men find most attractive.

By the way, I picked the hot squatting lady for that reason. Sex sells, no matter what you place near a hot squatting brunette. It can be something targeted towards men – “Learn the ultimate secret on how to get her into your bed tonight!”, or it can be targeted towards women – “Learn the secret weight loss formula and make every man drool over your perfect body in just 30 days”.

And all of this marketing, advertising and blatant lies distorts reality, which causes a plethora of eating disorders. There are people who eat too little and think they are still fat (Anorexia), there are people who eat too much and can’t stop (Binge eating disorder), there are people who will obsess with eating the healthiest food possible all the time (Orthorexia nervosa), because the media told them so.

Everyone needs to wake up.

What being fit means.

Being fit means looking at yourself in the mirror and realising that you may not be genetically gifted in departments such as: visible six pack, low body fat percentage, thigh gap, big butt, huge biceps, traps, calves and so on.

Yet you will do everything in your power to stay within a healthy weight range and be able perform the most basic compound exercises without risk of injury. This will guarantee absolute happiness, no matter what natural body imperfections you think you may have.

So stop believing in what advertisements tell you and start believing in logic, scientific facts and common sense. You’re welcome.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.

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