10 Before & After Photos of Couples Who Fought the Flab

Recent research has revealed a shocking theory called ‘contagious obesity.’ Obesity can work like a psychological bug that spreads from person to person. In other words, hanging out with a fat person can make you fatter, while hanging out with thin people will subconsciously help you to avoid gaining any more weight. This doesn’t mean that weight should determine your friends! That would do more harm than good. What this theory indicates is that losing weight requires that both people in a couple (or a ground of friends) need to make the same effort.

Losing weight also has plenty of health benefits, including increased cognitive awareness, higher energy levels, improved immune system and an increased lifespan, to name a few. So, if studies on ‘contagious obesity’ are anything to go by, working out with a partner that is striving for weight loss helps you stay on track and lowers your tendency to give up. Not convinced yet? Well, here are 10 before-and-after pictures of couples that fought the flab together and emerged looking better than ever!

10. Big to Thin!

Nobody would predict that this chubby couple could ever transform into a hot pair. A combination of exercising and eating right allowed them to shed a whopping 325 pounds together and flaunt a more youthful and desirable figure. Today, they make heads turn wherever they go.

9. Justin & Lauren

One day at work, 25-year old Justin Shelton suddenly started feeling light-headed and foggy. At the emergency room, doctors told him that he might be suffering from a kidney infection, and that they would need to run a couple of tests to confirm their diagnosis. Unfortunately, the imaging machine failed to support his 592-pound body frame. That was the biggest reality check for him. He knew he would never forget the look on his doctor’s face and the shame he felt on that day. After reaching home, Justin and his obese wife, Lauren made the decision that changed their life forever. They began exercising in the gym six days a week and spent more time outdoors hiking, biking or swimming. Today, they are significantly slimmer and fitter, and feel more energetic and happy than ever.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.


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  1. Hello Everyone I have Something To Share With Those of you Who are Fighting The Shocking theroy
    Called Contagious Obesity.

  2. thanks for the positive stories about weight loss. Easy to lose weight but more problematic to keep it off. Still worth the effort though!

  3. Your post proves that in working out together as couple much can be can achieved. My husband is already slim as he consistently eats healthily. The challenge is now for me to join him in his endeavor

  4. I lost 80 pounds… on my own. I cannot afford a tummy tuck. It makes it difficult to find clothes that fit well… or at all.
    It sucks.

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