10 Before & After Photos of Couples Who Fought the Flab

4. Jo & Dave

A compulsive binge-eater with an ardent love for junk food, Jo decided to improve her self-esteem by revising her diet plan and turning to salads and vegetables in place of calorie-dense foods. That wasn’t all. She also took up brisk walking as her main hobby and exercised with great zeal every day to achieve her weight loss goals. Soon enough, she managed to shed almost half of her body weight and became hotter than ever. Today, Jo is a healthy, desirable woman who attributes a big part of her success to her partner Dave, who loved her even when she had more weight. She says she made the decision for herself as her partner had already accepted her for who she was.

3. Just Amazing!

Wow! It’s pictures like these that motivate you to jump out of bed and hit the gym even on a slow weekend. This chubby couple decided to shed their extra pounds in order to begin a new life together with fitter and healthier bodies. Hours of hard work in the gym and rigorous dieting translated this couple with toned bodies and lean faces, allowing them to pose for an impressive series of hot photographs that took the internet by storm and made them a viral sensation overnight.

Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.


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  1. Hello Everyone I have Something To Share With Those of you Who are Fighting The Shocking theroy
    Called Contagious Obesity.

  2. thanks for the positive stories about weight loss. Easy to lose weight but more problematic to keep it off. Still worth the effort though!

  3. Your post proves that in working out together as couple much can be can achieved. My husband is already slim as he consistently eats healthily. The challenge is now for me to join him in his endeavor

  4. I lost 80 pounds… on my own. I cannot afford a tummy tuck. It makes it difficult to find clothes that fit well… or at all.
    It sucks.

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