8 Reasons why veganism is a cult of delusional bigots


8 Reasons Why Veganism is a Cult of Delusional Bigots


Disclaimer: I have no problem with vegans who keep it to themselves and who went vegan for ethical reasons only. However, I absolutely despise the crazy radical ones.

Veganism – at first glance, it’s a noble philosophy, which aims to completely exclude the use of animal products, be it food, clothes, make-up or everything in-between.

However, with the amount of absolutely crazy individuals who use radical methods of fear mongering and misinformation to convert people into following their belief, one would think vegans are completely mental.

I’m one of them. I firmly believe that veganism is no more than a cult. A cult of mentally unstable people, who will do whatever it takes to scare you into avoiding animal products. First, let’s establish what a cult is, then I’ll proceed to my top reasons why veganism is one.

A cult is a religious or social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices. [1]

Social group, check.

Socially deviant, check.

With that out of the way, here are my reasons why veganism is a radical cult of delusional individuals, who don’t agree with anyone besides those who promote their agenda.

1. Vegans believe they are changing something

I don’t get why, but vegans actually believe that by avoiding meat they are saving animals and the planet.

They think that whenever someone becomes a vegan every single slaughterhouse gets a memo reminding them that they no longer have the need to slaughter any more animals.

They actually don’t think about the fact that the goal of every company is growth. If a company notices a trend of decreased meat consumption, they will simply export more, or find other ways to grow. The company won’t suddenly turn vegan and start producing broccoli.

According to various surveys, only 0.5-1 percent of people are actually vegan, which is not enough to even make a dent in the agriculture industry. No matter how many times they scream “meat is murder”.

In fact, if you become a vegan without notifying your local factory first, you contribute to the destruction of our planet. You know why? Because the meat industry counted on YOU to buy that steak and now it will go to waste because of YOU

Thanks to you – vegans – the animal had to die and its’ delicious product went to waste. So you actually did more harm than good! How cruel is that?

2. They choose to ignore scientific evidence

The majority of vegans I encountered pretty much completely ignore scientific evidence that are pro-animal products. Their most used argument is that such studies are sponsored by the “corporations”.

They don’t mention which corporations exactly, but they are 120 percent sure that these studies are sponsored by them. So if a vegan says so, it must be true!

By the way, let’s ignore 2.5 million years of meat consumption and just blame every disease on animal products, because reasons, right?

Even the fact that it’s impossible to get B12 in a vegan diet without supplementation, does not ring any bells to them at all. Screw science and your own well-being! Better create your own reality with your own “science”.

That reminds me… a lot of vegans actually believe that humans are herbivores. Just writing this made me facepalm a few times (now my face hurts). The fact that our closest relatives – chimpanzees and bonobos – are omnivores does not mean anything to them whatsoever.

Millions and millions of years of evolution are just sponsored by the “corporations”, so it’s all fake and made up.

This is great example of cult like behavior and delusion – purposely spreading misinformation just to promote veganism.

3. Vegan cult leaders are absolutely insane

The majority of vegan leaders I encountered are completely mental. For example, one of the most popular vegan YouTubers is a very, very sick person named Freelee, The Banana Girl (Leanne Ratcliffe).

She is a vegan advocate who believes that “meat-eaters” do not deserve to live. Skip to 0:17, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing, because it’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

You would think that she makes this stuff up, but no. She actually believes in what she says. Even her story of becoming a vegan is completely bananas. Pun intended!

Another popular vegan advocate is Vegan Gains who is an absolutely unstable individual who needs to be put into a mental institution. This video is pretty much self-explanatory. Skip to 3:40.

No comments. In fact, the guy even threatened to kill another YouTuber, which resulted in a ban of his Twitch channel. Which makes me wonder if there’s something missing in the vegan diet that causes such abnormal behavior.

And I think the ultimate cult leader of veganism is a guy called Gary Yourofsky. It’s no surprise that Freelee is inspired by Gary’s work and ultimately worships him.

But the amount of “crazy” coming from that guy is beyond comprehension. Watch until the end. The guy is so mental that he has been actually banned from entering Canada and Britain.

4. Vegans use propaganda and fear mongering tactics

Apparently, every disease, natural disaster, crime and war happens for a reason. And that reason is meat. I lost count of how many ridiculous and plain stupid arguments vegans spew out of their mouth, just to make someone stop consuming meat.

Vegans blame absolutely everything on animal products. I’ve been actually told by a vegan that I will have erectile dysfunction, some type of cancer and will die at the age of 40 (guess, I have not much left to live), because I eat meat.

Many vegans also celebrated when a popular YouTuber – Furious Pete – went through his 2nd battle with cancer. He even had to address all the vegan hate comments in a separate video. That just shows how truly “compassionate” the vegan community is.

Also, one of the most popular vegan propaganda tactics is to show animal torture porn called EarthlingsBasically, it’s a bunch of videos of mentally ill people who worked at slaughterhouses and loved torturing animals to death.

Vegans use this movie to shock gullible and impressionable teenage girls into veganism and it works wonders. However, if you watch actual videos of slaughterhouses, it’s a completely different story.

5. Most vegans are hypocrites

It’s already funny how a turned vegan will never shut up about being vegan. But what’s even more hilarious how a compassionate vegan – who is against animal cruelty and for saving the planet – drives a luxury car with leather seats, rare wood trims and a 500+ hp engine.

It happens all the time, that’s because most vegans are complete hypocrites. Another example of vegan hypocrisy is when they start eating vegan products from the same company that produces meat, eggs, or dairy.

A good example of this is Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream. Now when a vegan gets called out on this he will either ignore you completely (or ban you), or he will come up with some generic excuse like “well, what can you do?”

Apparently, vegans don’t understand that by buying vegan ice cream they are literally giving money to the same company, which “murders” thousands and thousands of animals every day.

Also, a lot of them don’t understand how much good the animals bring to the society. There are hundreds and hundreds of things that are made out of animals besides clothes and food. Just take a look here and here.

Vegans go as far as buying vegan knives and vegan condoms, just to make them feel special. Isn’t that absurd?

6. Vegan advice can be detrimental to your own health

Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but sometimes a vegan will follow the vegan doctrine so blindly that eventually it will lead either to their own harm or harm of others.

When news stories such as this, this and this exists you cannot ignore the fact that people who turn vegan have something wrong with them.

There’s absolutely no way I am going to feed my child a vegan diet, no matter how many animals “suffer” every day. In fact, I would go as far as murdering all the animals in the world, just to make sure that my kid has everything he needs to thrive… and to piss off vegans of course.

Another sad example of this was Jennifer Faulisi, who believed that Gerson therapy (basically vegan juicing) could cure her breast cancer, which lead to her death full of pain and suffering.

7. Veganism is a religion under the U.S. law

According to some surveys ethical veganism may be actually a religion under some laws. So I’ll just leave this here.

A survey was administered during fall 2013 to 163 self-identified adult ethical vegans and/or ethical vegetarians in the United States to determine whether the respondents+ beliefs meet the definition of religion according to U.S. federal law. The data demonstrate that a majority of the surveyed group possesses beliefs concordant with the definition of “religion” according to federal statutes, federal judicial tests, and regulatory law. [2]

8. Even religion is pro-meat

It’s actually quite surprising to me, but even the world’s best selling book – the Bible – is pro-meat. I don’t really believe in God, but it’s funny how even the most worshiped entity supported consuming animal products.

Here are some examples:

“And while they still did not believe for joy, and wondered, He said to them, ‘Have you any food here?’ And they handed to Him a piece of a broiled fish and of a honeycomb. And He took it and ate before them” (Luke 24:41-43; also read John 21:9-14 MKJV).


11 The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Tell the Israelites: These are the animals you can eat: If an animal has hooves that are split into two parts, and if that animal also chews the cud, then you may eat the meat from that animal.

But if you want to have a good laugh on religion versus veganism I suggest reading this article. It’s quite amusing. Spoiler alert, veganism does not win.

In a nutshell

While I get why certain people decide to go vegan, I absolutely don’t understand how spreading misinformation, lies, hate speech and death threats benefits the vegan community.

But since veganism is a cult of delusional lunatics, I guess every tactics is good.

Have you encountered any vegans in your life? Are you a vegan and why? Tell me in the comments below!


Written by Mark Forge

Mark Forge is the founder of FatForge - an information website dedicated to busting nutrition myths, scams and lies while helping people turn their weight around. If you want to lose weight I suggest starting here.


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  1. I’m surprised you don’t have ten pages of death threats by now. I’ve seen far more moderate criticisms of the Veganites result in post after post that call into question the authors credentials, biases, marital status of parents and choices of sexual partners. Not sure why they are ignoring you but congrats on writing one of the best articles on the cult that I’ve read in a long time. I toil endlessly debunking their lies and exaggerations on their forum on Craigslist in the hopes that young people looking for information at least pause and think about their desire to be vegan.

    • Probably being ignored because of how pathetic it is lol.

      The logical fallacy is strong in this article and has become the laughing stock of vegan groups.

      Either that or all comments are moderated and this wont even appear. Meh.

      • and all vegan groups are the laughing stock to every normal person out there, cult fad diet is all that is, bunch of dummies that think they are superior to everybody.

        • Normal people? Need I remind you that besides the primal ways of about every other animal on this planet humans have the understanding and capability to never eat meet and continue to be beyond healthy. “Normal” is a word people use to make themselves fit in. If you think “normal” is killing innocent animals for your own personal pleasure then i don’t know what to tell you but your the laughing stock of life. You just don’t get it.
          P.S. we don’t think we are better than everyone, we just don’t want to slaughter baby pigs every morning breakfast or snap a chickens neck for dinner. We are humane, loving, and caring. You are hateful, ignorant, and uninformed. Your free to have your opinions but don’t put us down or belittle us because you can’t comprehend our life choices.

          • @John, but thats exactly what your doing. Your basically calling us retarded because we eat meat and enjoy animal products. We don’t sit here and tell everyone to eat meat because we like the inhumane way animals are killed. I have a vegan friend and I have never tried to push my meat eating philosophy on her because who gives a shit?! I live my life a certain way and she lives hers a certain way but guess what? She never shuts up about it and I just let her do her own thing. As in the legitimacy of this article, the guy spoke his opinion and even cited sources stemming back from the bible. It’s not like a maniac wrote this article it seems credible and his point is valid. I watched the movie Forks Over Knives and alot of it was good information. I don’t think genetically altered animal products are good for society and the environment either. Meat consumption will never be banned or outlawed and once you realize this than you can start living your own life without worrying what the next person does. Just because Johnny is gay and my friend doesn’t mean I need to live life like johnny and be gay. I support Johnny and will be his friend but I will not be gay for Johnny. Johnny lives his life and I live mine.

        • why do you think 600,000 people a year die from heart disease in america alone?.. Did you make the choice to eat meat or are you just following a cult of people who do? Have you ever been 100% honest with yourself and others? 3 good questions to ask yourself which might help give you some prospective on the issue.

  2. I just want to add, as you mentioned Freelee the out of mind banana girl that, as many others vegan youtubers, she had and still have eating and mental disorders. She was bulimic and now still bipolar. Her boyfriend is schizophrenic. Vegan Gains is schizophrenic, Vegan Cheetah and ex drug addict with his mother giving him a lift while buying heroin. The list can go on and on and on. But, to make the story short: a bunch of pretty fu**ed up people.

  3. You did nothing to make veganism look negative. You are so far brainwashed, you are trying to justify unnecessary murder, and persuade others to turn a blind eye. BTW, how many delusional bigot omni’s are there? But all hate and blame aside, try the diet, sympathize with the imprisoned. This is a scary, murderous world we live in. But it doesn’t have to be as messed up as it is now. The meat industry is NOT beneficial to anything except a few elite pocketbooks.

    • @ Compassion, your comments are akin to any radical sects of any religion. Living a privileged life in a western civilization has blinded you to what is really going on in the world. Children are starving in 3rd world countries, children with Kwashiorkor would benefit from a rich meat diet. Conversely I suppose they could get healthy eating other proteins such as nuts which is a fast acting protein with meat but trust me eat too many nuts and it feels like you are shitting out a cactus. Sorry went on a tirade for a bit. Before mega Corporations were making money on the meat market indigenous people were eating meat way before people were getting filthy rich so I don’t see that as a good point. The argument should be “Let’s stop killing animals inhumanely”, but think too other mammals torture their prey before they consume it. Now I know, We have a conscience thought and we should know better but think about it have you ever seen a cat “play” with a mouse and swat it and bite it til it dies? Not all of us meat eaters swat at our food and play with it but most of us have that carnal desire to consume meat because of the sustenance it provides.

  4. I love this article! Exactly what I wanted to say. Vegans reminds me of isil terrorists and hitler with their ‘you don’t deserve to live because you don’t live my lifestyle’ mentality.
    Also they are a bunch of hypocrites since almost if them support abortion and thinks it’s okay to kill human babies.

    P.S you forgot Sorsha Morava she is another crazy vegan YouTube who bashes on people

  5. I’ve been vegan for over two years and my health has never been better. All my friends are meat eaters as well. Who brings up my “diet” the most? Certainly not me. It’s the same people who could benefit from my lifestyle that bash it all the time. Tell me this, if how I lived was so terrible, why would people like you feel so threatened by it? You judge us by the crazy minority, which is wrong for any group of people.

    • Well from my experience vegans do on Facebook etc, constantly sharing things that meat eaters have no interest in. I don’t mind that at all, their facebook, their life. It’s when they start preaching on photos of steak at a birthday party which is inappropriate. It seems that people have only ever experienced extremist vegans perhaps? I also saw someone on my facebook who used to type in all caps and post things like “OH DEAR YOU SIT ON A LEATHER FUCKING SOFA BUT YOU WILL POST TO SAVE THE WHALES” and I am of the opinion that even if you don’t wish to save ALL animals, posting and sharing for the ones you want to is absolutely fine. Unfortunately some vegans think they are in an exclusive group where only they are allowed to post animal things because they sacrifice their taste buds daily. I can care about an elephant or a whale but not about someone’s owned farm livestock.

    • Do a blood test and compare it to someone that consumes meat, not a fat ass that consumes processed meat daily but to a meat eater that is health conscientious and is in pretty good physical shape. Make your meaning hae merit before you want us to stop eating meat

  6. I am vegan because I woke up. You think veganism is a cult ? Eating meat/animal flesh takes billions of land and trillions of sea animals to their death yearly. Eating animals kills the environment and your own health. You were born into the largest cult around yet too deep to see. No one says vegans are perfect but doing nothing because you can’t do everything is disgraceful. I hope you wake up too.

    • Yes but they taste better. Also you can’t just walk into a shop and get anything you want quickly and leave. It’s also more expensive to get things that taste and look the same. Get a fucking life.

  7. Veganism is basic decency. It’s refraining from inflicting easily avoidable harm on others. That’s a near-universal moral principle.

    One way we can put this into action, which is relatively straightforward, doesn’t cost us an extra dime, and has a profound impact on animals and the environment, is leaving animals off our plates.

    That’s all veganism is.

    It has no leader, it doesn’t require you to change your religion, or denounce you family. The original definition of veganism even has the clause, “as far as possible and practical,” to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

    Many standard practices in animal agriculture, such as grinding up newborn male chicks in laying hen hatcheries, taking babies from their mothers on dairy farms and putting them in solitary hutches, legally transporting pigs in sweltering heat for over 24 hours with no water, breeding chickens to grow several times their normal rate which often causes them to collapse, holding down “breeder” turkeys to inject semen into their opening as they’re struggling to escape, taking two trillion fish from the seas each year … and many more … may properly be seen as extreme. Choosing not to participate or support those practices is not extreme.

    Practical first steps to transition toward a plant-based diet include:

    – Trying product lines such as Gardein and Field Roast, which most meat-eaters like.
    – Trying some of the new vegan cheeses, such as Treeline, Miyoki’s, Kite Hill, and some of the Follow Your Heart smoked varieties. Most non-vegans like these, too.
    – Upping the percentage of the plate that features vegetables. Most Americans fall short of the standard guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption, which are powerful disease fighters. (That’s a cheap way to lower long-term health care costs.)

    • The first logical standpoint in this thread thus far. If everyone were as logical and made sense like you did here than more people would probably apply more plants and fruits to their diet. I’m not saying that people would stop eating meat but they would probably more conscientious to the types of meat they eat IE; Processed meat

  8. Actually if we are talking about death threats there have bee three examples of activists being murdered by carnists that I know of, in the UK. There have been no cases of activists killing carnists. A vegan traveler commenting on the horrendous treatment of animals in New Zealand received death threats and abuse. In contrast, vegans are generally intelligent and compassionate people who have actually been very restrained.

    Philosophers have argued for thousands of years over the benefits or otherwise of religion, and the existence of God and what religion means, so this is unlikely to be solved in a blog. However, I would say that veganism itself is not a religion but it can be a part of a number of religions including some Christian groups like the Adventists. The Bible actually promotes veganism Genesis 1 and it is clear that meat eating is a result of the Fall. Surely a religion based on not harming sentient creatures that have never harmed us, is preferable to those that advocate jihad, crusades or takeover of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    I don’t know where you get the idea of vegans being anti-science, it seems to me the reverse is the case. There have recently been no shortage of peer reviewed studies in top journals like Nature and the JAMA (the latter was a cohort study of over 100,000 people) showing evidence that meat eating is harmful to the planet and human health. In New Zealand scientists speaking out against the dairy industry are lambasted by carnists using unscientific approaches such as attacking the messenger and cherry picking data.

    Of course companies are out to make money. Most activists have been opposing the psychopathic nature of companies out to make profit to the detriment of everyone else, while carnists were still dreaming that company executives were their friends. But if one item stops being profitable, then smart capitalists switch products or find new markets. Economists have been reporting a huge climb in vegan products and less demand for meat and dairy. Of course, big meat, like big fossil fuels, will fight back against changes in scientific consensus over health and climate change, and for a while they will exist as zombie companies, propped up by corporate welfare in our neoliberal system of socialism for the rich. But eventually they will rot from the inside and collapse into a pile of goo

    • Your Contrasting a very small minority to a very large minority of intelligent and compassionate people. How you view compassion is based on your opinion on what YOU think compassion should be graded on. If you are dying from starvation you are going to eat to survive. We even ate the remains of our frozen friends because that was what was going to keep us alive.

      As far as the bible is concerned it is interpretive. To the Klan Blacks are devils and lower than human and they are animals. You have a book that preaches hate and teaches love and quite honestly its confusing for a person with intelligence which is why a high number of educated scientists do not partake in the bible.

      The long and short of it is…..Meat isn’t the cancer causing agent its not killing us, The preservatives in meat and many of our food products is killing us, giving us cancer. The artificial flavorings and such but what does that really mean? We are all going to die at one point or another; however life expectancy has risen over the past few hundred years because of medical science and testing with first animals than a group of people than en masse. The death of these animals have not gone in vain, they further extended our lives and the educated ones will b forever greatful

  9. Lots of nonsense in this article, I can’t even begin… but you haven’t addressed one of the main drivers for veganism which is climate change. We can no longer be selfish and stuff our faces with the bodies of dead animals without adding to ozone problems. The methane and CO2 produced to farm 70 billion animals in the world is greater than all transport emissions combined. Methane is 100x worse at keeping heat in the atmosphere than C02. The good news is methane only stays in the atmosphere for 10years as opposed to CO2 which is 100years. Cutting methane production would make a huge improvement in the shortest time. You can either cover your eyes and call vegans assholes while the earth continues to heat, or you could try to make a difference individually. Veganism is not about being perfect, but about trying to cause the least harm to others. Yeah, they’re a bunch of w@nkers.

    • We’re sorry to inform you that Cowspiracy has been debunked, especially the animal agriculture vs tail pipe emissions

      https://goo.gl/4vbngt take your pick.

      Additionally, some of the people who compiled data have admitted to using outdated and erroneous info.

      Let me know when you ride a bike full time, live in a home you constructed from materials you gathered by hand, eat food that you grew yourself, swear of medical facilities, etc. Because somewhere in the products you use fossil fuels were used and anals died for you to get it or use it.

  10. The only thing these articles do is bring vegan traffic. Why are you trying to bring us to your site, we’re not going to buy your products haha.

  11. I am on a high fat Ketogenic diet. I feel great, I sleep great, I focus all day long with no mid after noon crash, Im lean, Full of energy. I eat all the tastiest food. My testosterone levels are higher than they have ever been, No cholesterol problems, No vitamin deficiencies. Everything is fine, I get blood tests every 8 weeks. High fat, moderate protein and low carb diet is so fantastic and delicious, I love my bacon and eggs. YUM. I don’t have a single deficiency and I don’t have ANY supplements! My brain is funning on Ketone bodies NOT glucose and it feels great

    Vegan diet sucks. Its a STUPID idealogy based on false and misleading data coming form the United Nations. Global Warming, Overpopulation, a chain of fallacies supporting one another, And Veganism is supported by a whole host of fallacies. Its stupid in all honesty. Animals exist to be a food source. Look at nature. We are nature. humans are not exempt from nature. Animals eat animals, People people animals. Get with it. Its how nature works. accept it and move on

    • So overpopulation is a “fallacy”? Global warming is a “fallacy”? Whether you accept anthropogenic warming or not, literally NO ONE who isn’t a complete idiot considers that the planet is not warming. Further, no one who isn’t a complete idiot, and has seen anything of the world, can attest that this planet is not dreadfully overpopulated with humans. I am no vegan and never will be. I agree however that humans are natural. Of course, almost all of nature is devoid of life. It doesn’t behoove us to use “nature” as any sort of moral reference, on either side. So your argument is simply a mirror image of the bad argument it purports to critique. Oh, and finally, you have blood tests every 8 weeks? Why on earth?

  12. Perhaps meat eaters should hunt and eat vegans? That would solve a lot of problems. Thanks for helping us out, vegans! Be careful out there.

  13. Of course vegans are mentally ill
    1. Veganism while pretending to care abt animals lives does absolutely NOTHING t o improve upon the humane treatment of animals. Therefore it is nothing but a pretentious sham.
    2. Saving the lives of sea creatures is another pretentious sham. Anyone above the age of 5 with half a brain knows that big fish eat little therefore the fish you do NOT eat will be eaten by other fish in a more cruel manner than how most human consumed fish are. Therefore vegans by NOT are do absolutely NOTHING re. saving th lives of sea creatures which if they were NOT totally insane they would that

    • there are quite a few issues with your statement.

      Can you explain how not killing animals for their flesh does not support and promote caring for animals?

      No other being but humans develop machines to scrape the ocean floor for 100’s of kilometres killing all life just to catch fish.Humans are not fish and not part of that ecosystem.

      Also a few good questions to ask yourself.

      1. why do you think 600,000 people a year die from heart disease in america alone?..

      2. Did you make the choice to eat meat or are you just following a cult of people who do?

      3.Have you ever been 100% honest with yourself and others?

      If you answer these questions honestly and openly you be on the first step to becoming a normal open happy human.

  14. I’m not a vegan and never was. I have encountered militant vegans on the internet. This article about vegans is true. It is definitely a cult. As a Christian, I cannot support veganism because it has become idolatry. If someone doesn’t want to eat meat, but only vegetables, they have that right. But spreading lies, misinformation, and cult-like indoctrination is completely wrong. And for those of you vegans who claim that you woke up: You didn’t wake up! You need to wake up because you have been deceived! Chances are you went vegan because of the vegans’ tactics of fear mongering, lies, and false guilt. You’re not doing anything but causing a ruckus!

    And us meat eaters are not looking for you to tick you off and cause you to sin. You’ve been looking for us meat eaters, so you can bash us! I mean get real! Either you are deceived or you are pushing an agenda! Meat did not cause the problems in this world! What causes sin is the wickedness in people’s hearts. And by forcing your veganism indoctrination on others, you are creating more problems and not solving anything. And there’s a chance that mental illness is caused by demonic spirits. As long as God has given us permission to eat meat, who are you to forbid others to eat meat. The Bible says in 1 Timothy Chapter 4 that the false teachers would forbid people to marry and forbid people to eat meat, which we are supposed to receive from God with thanksgiving.

    And the people who promote veganism also support the feminist movement, homosexuality, abortion, rebellion, and witchcraft. And PETA thinks it is somehow okay for them to make pornography, if it will promote their cause! But they are wrong! Sex is supposed to be within the marriage between one man and one woman! Anything outside of that is wrong! And veganism also promotes lying, pride, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy: All of them are sins! Enough said.

    • Its amazing you have come to this conclusion about veganism. But don’t come to the same conclusion about the meat industry. Could it be you who has been deceived?

      Do you have an answer for the degradation of our planet? Our unsustainable lifestyles? Does consuming meat play any part in this? I think you already know the answer but taking responsibility for your actions, like most vegans, is one step too far for you to contemplate.

  15. I am a vegan, and I am a vegan because while you eat meat you are supporting animal abuse, yes I know that we are barely making a dent but we know what is wrong, I would eat meat if they were not killed in the way they are. If they lived normal lives and (if used for meat) were killed immediately I would eat them. If they go occasionally sheared like they need and we’re only skined once dead I would wear uggs. If ducks were not plucked alive I would use “normal” pillows. We do not mean to scare you (ok maybe a little) but we are just trying to stop global warming, pollution, extinction, etc.

    • Then why don’t you do all those things YOURSELF.
      Why don’t you buy a plot of land, go there, and raise the animals as you see fit, and advertise it as that. Plenty of people do exactly that you see.

      I know, I’ve killed a chicken (was never allowed to kill a pig). You do not want to sleep on a ducks pillow, you want to sleep on a goose pillow. It takes about 3-4 geese to get a pillow, pretty sure enough get eaten. You can’t skin an animal and leave it alive, it won’t stay alive, tell you what, try taking the skin from just 1 of your forearms, lets see how long you live, I give it a couple hour, possibly 12, depending on your body weight.
      You can’t make an animal grow more fur/hair, than it can grow, the rabbit plucking you can take to the chinese goverment, not to anyone else. Say why don’t you go to China, and start protesting, lets see how long that lasts.

      And the last logical fallacy.
      So you’re unhappy on how the animal industry does things, so your solution is to stop eating and using all animals products. OK, lets stick to that.
      See there’s this problem, 1st world pesticides (mostly US) and agricultural companies in general have cause countless deaths(animal and human), diseases and disabilities. Along with the GMO crops that go along with them(mostly GMO so they can survive the pesticides). Not all of them ofc, just not like every slaughterhouse tortures it’s animals. But a great deal, have polluted and killed all over South America, Middle America, India, Southeast Asia, etc.
      So… by your logic, same as with the animals, YOU need to stop using all crops and vegetables, IMMEDIATELY, if you’re not a hypocrite.

  16. I follow a vegan diet and even I agree with most of what Mark is stating. There are so many extremist in this group of people that it makes everyone who even uses the word vegan look psychotic. Along with the fact that they blatantly lie to people about nutrition. From my personal experience, I’ve had to go out of my way to fix minor health problems that I’ve had since going vegan three years ago. Although it did heal my Gastroflux and Anemia I just don’t know if I would have been better off reducing my animal product intake and purchasing from ethical sources. Overall, I do believe in living ethically but I’m obviously not sold on going or staying strict vegan to do so. I already foresee myself going vegetarian in the future which is very disheartening but I believe completely rational and necessary.

    The only thing I disagree with is that Mark states that people are not making a difference. I believe on a very small scale that they are. Putting aside all the negative connotations of this group, they are making the average person more aware of their own health and pushing the idea of eating more produce.

    • Its a shame you are just trying to be part of the majority. Mark has made so many illogical an untrue comments that he is doing the exact thing he is criticising Vegans for. Nothing more.

      Some people get upset when they realise there is an atrocity happening and lead them to become passionate to try and explain the atrocity to others. Every Vegan has in common that they no longer want our planet to degrade and no longer to see the needless suffering of any living being.

      It is plain to see that no human chooses to eat meat but the pressure to do so is so immense that the majority do.

      No one really knows if we are omnivores or herbivores.. But humans have the amazing ability to be subjective and if it is proven that we can thrive on a plant based diet then we should.. Being subjective is our only ability to keep ourselves within a balanced ecosystem.

  17. Well, technically you know, there are a very very large number of animals on the planet. Most of them, are alive sorely for the purpose of providing some kind of food to humans. If humans didn’t eat meat, there wouldn’t be nearly this many cows, pigs, goats, chickens etc…
    If meat eating humans didn’t exist, those animals wouldn’t exist either, they would have never been born. Even if they die eventually for food, they do get to live a little, as opposed to never being born.
    Similarly, if humanity did not breed this many animals, there wouldn’t be nearly so many humans on the planet and not just through food. Without as much leather as was made, which lasts forever(compared to todays shite), it’s questionable if any of our history would have occured.
    At the very least, the worlds human population would be 23% smaller, at the least.
    So if vegans want to fix the consequences, they should put a gun to their heads and pull the trigger, 0,5% of the population won’t really get the job done, but hey it’s a dent, the kind they love to brag about.

    This is not a threat, it’s pure logic.
    It’s like a slovak, croatian, belarussian, irish, estonian or bask being a marxist. They love Marxs’ theory, his philosophy, they consider it scripture, the communist workers utopia. There’s just one hitch, Marx stated in some of his public articles all those nations needed to die, because they were leftovers of long gone nations etc. And if they won’t go peacefully, they should be exterminated in a feat of great social engineering for the great communist workers state. Go find the articles if you do not believe me.
    And yet, these nations have many many idolizers of Marx and his beliefs, they just somehow miss the logical step, that to follow his beliefs to the letter, they need to kill themselves.
    Same exact thing with Vegans.
    If they want the world to be like there is no and never was any meat industry, they should commit suicide.

    • Wow.. Really.. Because someone points out that consuming meat is bad for your health, bad for the planet, Is cruel and mostly unnecessary.. You want them to kill themselves. Can you believe you actually said that? did you say that because you anonymous on a forum? would you say that to someones face? Vegan or not.. Wow real insight into your mind.. Good luck with that!!

  18. I never understood how Vegans could use iPhones and Macbooks… Aren’t the factory workers who make them throwing themselves off of the foxxcon factory roof? Wouldn’t that be a product of animal suffering?
    I guess the mantra is fuck’em if they aren’t cute and fuzzy.

  19. I lost interest after the disclaimer. If you’re going to take a hard position then take it. By writing a disclaimer you’re either admitting that that your writing is so weak that the message can easily be misconstrued or worse appoligizing in advance to the easily offended snowflake. This cowardice in writing is similar to the guy who says “you know I’m racist right, but why is it that asians…” Take a position, be open to criticism, or don’t bother to say it.

  20. Veganism certainly acts like a cult at times, and some vegans are definitely smug, irrational, arrogant and patronising e.g. Freelee, Sorsha, Gary Yourofsky. There are, however, some very kind and compassionate, rational vegans out there – two that come to mind straightaway are Unnatural Vegan and James Aspey, both on Youtube. Ultimately, vegans are just trying to create a world that is kinder to animals through reducing demand for animal products and increasing demand for alternative, non-animal products. Sometimes that motive does not come across in the best way and is displayed in a cult-like way, but, fundamentally, it is kinder to not contribute to animal products (which require necessary slaughter of animals – in the case of the egg and dairy industries, the slaughter of male chicks and calves as well as slaughter of “spent hens” and cows that can no longer produce milk) than to contribute to animal products. Seeing as it is possible and healthy to not contribute towards animal products (e.g. see the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position on veganism based on the knowledge of thousands of health professionals – http://www.eatrightpro.org/~/media/eatrightpro%20files/practice/position%20and%20practice%20papers/position%20papers/vegetarian-diet.ashx), then it is the path that I choose to take in order to be a kinder and more compassionate person.

  21. Yes, you do have some points about some vegans being fanatical and cherry picking info (and blaming all the world’s problems on meat), and then you go on to show that carnists (non-vegans) can do that too. A balanced piece of irony.

    PS I feel Gary Yourofsky’s frustration too lol

  22. In Uganda they eat almost no meat because they are so poor and instead they eat beans, greens etc. … they have almost no heart disease

  23. As a Vegan, I was not going to attempt a reply to such an amazingly, incredibly horrible article. I don’t have a clue where you are running into these radical, vicious Vegans. Every one I know actually prefers to not mention that part of their life as it is always ridiculed. Just like this article. I personally could care less if someone consumes meat and animal products. To each his own. But I definitely can tell you the movement is against animal torture and abuse, as well as saving the environment. Instead of writing about something you obviously have zip knowledge of, why don’t you take us on a walk through a slaughter house, a dog killing floor, or skinning animals alive for fur. You seem much more prone to those topics.

  24. This is probably the worst article I’ve ever read. It almost sounds like a vegan dumped you and you went in to write this garbage out of spite. I strongly suggest you look at some studies on why a vegan diet is more beneficial for your health that eating animal flesh. Yes, we’ve might have eaten meat for millions of years before but almost everyone died too young or with a bunch of diseases.
    Usually shitty people don’t give two damns about their health sooo good luck with your future heart disease or cancer!

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