25 Small Things You Can Do Everyday To Burn More Calories

For those of you who aim at getting a better body by losing weight through physical activity, you don’t have to worry about crazy workouts or diets anymore! Recent studies show that you need to take only baby steps to get the most lasting results. The Annals of Behavioral Medicine published a study stating that those people who opted for a small but potentially permanent change in their physical activity and/or food choices every week (ie. drinking fewer sodas or adding 5 extra minutes to their daily walks) showed 2x more loss in belly fat, 4x more loss in weight during their 4-month program, and 2-inches off of their waistlines in comparison to those that followed the traditional physical activity and calorie-restriction guidelines.

Experts say that if you focus on 2-3 small changes at one time, you start to instill healthy habits that can last for an entire lifetime, instead of trying to follow an all-or-nothing method that fails more often because it can be too tough to follow.

We have found out 25 small things that you can do every day to burn more calories. Keep reading to find out how exactly you can lose weight by eating less, moving more, and the results make you feel better than ever. You can simply add 1-2 of these things to your daily routine and see major results within a few months. And the best part is that you can develop them into healthy habits so that they become a part of your nature that will profit you your entire life.

1. Start Writing

Instead of munching on your chips mindlessly, try to write down the amount of food you have at each meal. This will help you monitor what you eat and how much you eat every day, and can also guide you to practice portion control so that you lose weight faster. Maintaining a food log can help you have control over the extra calories! First, you will get a pretty big reality check; and second, you will grow aware of what you’re eating on a daily basis. According to one┬ástudy conducted recently, those people who used a food journal appeared to lose 2x the weight of those that did not. When these people added this food journal to their exercise plan as well as their diet, they lost as much as 13 pounds on an average in just 6 months. If you start writing your food down, you will also get an insight on what your eating habits are and help you figure out the changes that are perfect for you.

Written by Mark Forge

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