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    Top Health and Fitness Apps This Year

    There is literally an app for anything you could possibly need. Whether it’s an app to buy something, to organize something, to plan something, you can easily find it with a quick search. Fitness and health apps are especially popular and they even have their own category in the app stores. No matter how complex […]

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    Bodybuilding Mom Dies Of Protein Overdose

    Recently, an Australian woman has died after consuming a high amount of protein from both foods as well as supplements. She was preparing for a bodybuilding competition and had upped her protein intake immensely. It turns out however, she had a rare disorder that doctors didn’t know about until it was too late. This rare […]

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    Secret Signs You May Have A Stomach Ulcer

    It’s a fact that over 25,000,000 American’s will, at some point over their lifetime, suffer from a stomach ulcer. There have been countless rumors about what it is exactly that causes stomach ulcers, from stress to spicy food, but neither of these are the reasons why people develop stomach ulcers (although they will make an […]

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    25 Healthy Habits To Set You Up For Success

    It can be extremely daunting, trying to find out what it takes to consistently live a healthy, active lifestyle. People post themselves being fit, eating perfect and living the healthiest lifestyles all over social media and it can be hard not to be envious of how great they do. People post about going to the […]