Competitive? Check Out These Fitness Classes!

Fitness classes can be great for anyone. It can be only about you, or you can secretly compete with all those other people around you. If you know you’re the type of person who’s naturally competitive, there are some fitness classes that you’re going to want to check out!

The Pursuit

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This class calls Equinox it’s home. It takes spinning to the next level and mixes it with an element of gaming for one sweet ride. Once you’re locked in, you’re connected with everyone else in the class up on a big screen at the front of the room. When you can see how you’re doing against what everyone else in the room is doing will spark that competitive flame pretty darn quick.

Sweat Shed

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If you are a member of Crunch, this is a class you’re going to want to go to IMMEDIATELY. This class is based on small group training, with a maximum number of participants of 16. The class has awesome lighting, kick-ass motivating music, and a ton of different exercise equipment! The equipment is meant to promote strength and power, and there’s a leaderboard at the front of the room so you can keep track of how you’re doing by yourself and in partner challenges!


Pretty & Fun

Flywheel is an indoor cycling class, which is probably much more of an “experience”. The lights get low, the music gets pumping, and you can watch the Torqboard at the front of the room so you can compare your stats with others in the room and get that competitive spirit flying around the room in no time. There are different challenges throughout the class, and your data will be recorded in an online account so you can keep track of your progress as you keep going!

Orange Theory

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Orange Theory is a fitness chain that is only about small group training workouts and incorporates endurance, strength, power and a ton of different equipment!! The classes use heart rate monitors to track and make sure participants stay with in their target fat burning cardio zone! If you want to be the one losing the most fat per class, this one is definitely for you!



Peloton is a way to bring your indoor cycling game to the next level. There’s a leaderboard in class that allows you to compete with others in your class, but it actually lets you compete with people riding on their own outside of the class, up to an additional 1500 participants! If you want to buy one of the Peloton bikes (for around $2000), you can participate in over 6000 classes anytime you want, at the touch of a button!

Mile High Run Club

The Mile High Run Club is a fitness class that takes place on treadmills! There’s an instructor and you spend nearly 50 minutes as they take you through interval sprints and endurance training on the treadmills. Sometimes it can equate up to 6 miles! The board at the front of the room gives you a little healthy dose of competition with the feeling like you’re in the middle of a night club with the lights and loud music.

Written by Mark Forge

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