25 Best Exercises For People Over 40

25. Scap Pushups

Making this exercise a part of your workout routine would improve your shoulder health and scapular stability significantly.

How do you perform this exercise?

Get into the traditional pushup plank position. Maintaining the tight line, allow your scapula to travel to your body’s midline. Let the torso fall while doing so. After reaching the lowest point, allow the scapula or shoulder blades to move to the outside of your shoulders. Also, press the floor away. Your elbows must be kept straight as bent elbows might result in faulty movements i.e. you might see your elbows moving instead of your shoulders.

Each of the exercises described above would help a 40-year-old in becoming a fitter individual. However, for maximum benefits of these exercises, you must consult a physical trainer. He or she would tell you the frequency at which you should practice these exercises.

If you want the exercises discussed above to offer even greater benefits, combine them with healthy dietary habits. For instance, include more dairy products, lean protein, fiber, and green vegetables to your daily diet. Staying away from trans fats and simple carbohydrates is also recommended.

Written by Mark Forge

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