25 Best Exercises For People Over 40

People start experiencing a series of changes in their body after hitting the age of 40. A great way of fighting those changes and staying fit is exercising regularly. The options below will show you to 25 exercises that offer big benefits to people over 40.

1. Abdominal Bracing

This is one of the most widely performed core strengthening exercises. The exercise might appear extremely simple initially; however, the results it offers can be pretty great. It has been found that abdominal bracing helps in improving posture among other benefits as well.

This exercise works by activating your transverse abdominal (or TVA) muscle (the muscle that surrounds your core) and drawing it in exactly like corsets. The biggest plus of this exercise is that once you get the hang of it, you will be able to perform it whenever you want, whenever you want!

How do you perform the exercise?

Stand tall with your back straight and try drawing in your belly button toward your spine contracting your abs lightly. Hold the contraction as long as you can and then release your core muscles slowly. This exercise can be performed several times during a day. Don’t stop breathing when performing this exercise.

Initially, most people struggle to hold the contraction for more than a minute; the same will happen with you. However, as your core becomes stronger, you will be able to hold the contraction for much longer.

Written by Mark Forge

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