21 Stars That Amazed Us With Extreme Body Transformations

If you’re a movie buff, you’ve seen how major actors can completely transform their bodies for a role. Whether it was bulking up for a big part or losing weight for a dramatic role, these Hollywood stars went to extreme lengths for their movies. Check out these 21 celebrities whose body transformations made us go WOW!

1. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McCounaughey is a truly versatile actor. Although, he began his career as a Hollywood heart-throb, he soon got into serious roles. He has impressed audiences with shocking performances and even more shocking body transformations. Here are two significant transformations that has captivated millions across the world:

His character in Dallas Buyers Club required him to lose a dramatic amount of weight. Matthew, who played the role of an AIDS patient, lost a total of 47 lbs for his character on screen. And how did he manage to get so skinny? Well, he chewed on ice to lose his body weight and avoid food.

In contrast to this emaciated figure, Matthew gained excess weight for his role in the movie, Gold. He underwent complete physical transformation that left the audience bewildered. Matthew gained 40 lbs for his bald and fat character. That just shows how dedicated McConaughey is to his craft.

Written by Mark Forge

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