11 Types of Cheese That Are Not Vegetarian Friendly

If you’re a vegetarian and you like cheese, you might want to stop reading right now. Cheese is known for being vegetarian-friendly because, although it’s not vegan, no animals had to die in order for the cheese to be made, it does contain milk, however.

But when you dive deeper into this, you will learn that not all cheese is actually vegetarian-friendly if we go by the standards mentioned above. The milk for the cheese can definitely be harvested without hurting the animals, but there is another element to cheese making that does actually harm the animals, and that’s harvesting rennet.

Rennet is a coagulant that helps to change milk into cheese. Yes, there are different types of vegetarian-friendly rennet’s, but most cheeses are made using the animal based ones. What is rennet? It’s an enzyme harvested from the stomach of cows and goats and, unfortunately, there’s no way to obtain rennet without first killing the animal. The animals actually have to be unweaned from their mothers, and the stomach is taken as a by-product of veal production. So if you’re a vegetarian for ethical reasons, you might want to avoid this list of cheese that is made with traditional rennet.

Parmigiano Reggiano




Pecorino Romano



Grana Padano




Written by Mark Forge

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