Spring into shape weight loss challenge: day 4


Spring Into Shape Weight Loss Challenge: Day 4

Another day, another update. It’s day 4 of my weight loss challenge and to be honest I am quite baffled by the results. I did not workout, because I decided to give my body a break.

The pull-ups and dips absolutely killed my biceps, triceps and my back. Even drinking a cup of tea is a challenge. ūüôā

But enough about that, let’s talk numbers.

Current stats

Day 4 progressWeight: 88.5 kg (195.1 lbs) / up 0.5 kg (1.10 lbs) from yesterday.

Body-fat percentage: 35%

TDEE: 2200 calories with exercise.

As you can see I added half a kilogram in one day, and now it shows 88.5 kg. I assume this is my real weight. The day before I most likely¬†lost a lot water weight, that’s why the ‘weight loss’ seemed so quick.

Strength training

No training today. Decided to give my body a break.


Although, I haven’t trained¬†¬†today, I decided to go for a brisk one hour walk. Ended up walking around 5.5 kilometers, which is not bad.

Although my feet are full of blisters now, because of my new sneakers. Painful, but totally worth it! A rough estimate would be that I burned around 350-400 calories during that.

And here’s the view I witnessed today. I even came up with some inspirational and¬†helpful text for it, because reasons.

All you need for weight loss.

What I ate today

Breakfast:500 calories

Back to eggs, because I love them. Also, eggs are much easier to track, because I generally have an idea of how many calories is in one large egg. With oatmeal, or any other stuff you’d need food scales for better accuracy.

So this is 2 egg omelette, some cheese, ham, pickles (yes, pickles), 2 slices of rye bread and some cherry tomatoes on the side.

I am surprised that my omelette making skills have improved, probably because I am trying to do it for pictures. My omelette doesn’t usually¬†turn out this ‘perfect’.

Day 4 breakfast: omlette with cheese, ham, pickles

Lunch: 800 calories

It gets pretty boring posting the same meal over and over again, but what are you going to do? I am not going to prepare new meals every single day just to take a picture of it. I cooked a whole pot of rice and I need to finish it up, or it will go bad.

But, today I added some pickles, because I love them and I don’t understand people who don’t. Plus, two slices of seed bread. Careful though, 1 slice of such bread is almost 100 calories, so always make sure you read the nutritional label, because food can be deceiving.

And topped it off with some ajika, which is a very popular hot, spicy Georgian dip.

Day 4 lunch: rice, vegetables, chicken, pickles, rye bread

Dinner: 300 calories

Dinner, or should I say last meal of the day was vanilla quark with some sour cream to thin in out and… drumroll… raspberry jam (ran out of strawberry one)

Day 4 dinner: vanilla quark with raspberry jam.

Other snacks: 400-600 calories

Did some snacking on sandwiches between meals. Drank a few cups of green tea with jasmine, because I read an article on how good green tea is. Green tea is probably way too overhyped like most food nowadays.

In a nutshell

All in all, was a decent day. Although, my¬†caloric deficit (200-300 calories) seems to be not that significant, it’s still progress. Looking forward to jumping on the scale tomorrow. And looking to workout as well.

Written by Mark Forge

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