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    10 Before & After Photos of Couples Who Fought the Flab

    Advertisement Recent research has revealed a shocking theory called ‘contagious obesity.’ Obesity can work like a psychological bug that spreads from person to person. In other words, hanging out with a fat person can make you fatter, while hanging out with thin people will subconsciously help you to avoid gaining any more weight. This doesn’t […]

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    10 Super Healthy Food Trends You Need to Eat This Summer

    It’s summer! The sun is up, the weather is warm, and all we want to do is bask in the sun, spend time with friends and family, and Instagram our latest drinks and meals. Every summer comes with its own ideas of trendy foods. This year’s summer is no different. You might be feeling overwhelmed […]

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    10 Simple Ways to Avoid Dehydration this Summer

    Hooray! Summer is here. The scorching sun might be up, but the weather is definitely right for those who want to spend time with family and friends over picnics and barbecues while also working on their tans at the beach. If you can’t make it to the beach for one reason or the other, then […]

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    10 Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

    To be honest, dietary rules really suck. Almost every food expert will tell you that we need to skip fast food, but they still remain very popular. Nutritionists tell us to avoid snack foods like nuts and chips, but reliable studies show that an average person eats any of these snacks seven times a week! […]

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    25 Small Things You Can Do Everyday To Burn More Calories

    For those of you who aim at getting a better body by losing weight through physical activity, you don’t have to worry about crazy workouts or diets anymore! Recent studies show that you need to take only baby steps to get the most lasting results. The Annals of Behavioral Medicine published a study stating that […]

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    The Cost of Obesity [Infographic]

    Obesity is not just a huge health problem for individuals. It’s also a very costly problem for the economy. This infographic shows shocking statistics when it comes to obesity relates costs in the US. This infographic is a bit outdated, I bet the costs are even higher now. Maybe it’s time to start doing something? (Source)