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    Seriously Surprising Benefits Of… Sleeping Naked!

    This is not a secret – sleeping naked feels pretty darn good. No clothing getting wrapped up in the sheets, it doesn’t wake you up, and your own body heat keeping you warm under a big cozy blanket. But did you know there are actual health benefits to sleeping naked? Check this out! We’re sure […]

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    Some Unique Ways To Use Protein Powder

    For people who do use protein powder regularly, chances are you either mix it with water after a solid workout, or you pour a scoop of protein powder into a smoothie. But if you’re looking to add more protein to your daily routine, here are some awesome (and mildly sneaky ways) to do so. Dips […]

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    Lose The Fat and Keep It Off!

    Within 6 months of losing weight, more than half of the people will have gained all that weight back. Why!? There are different reasons, from diet to life changes to motivation to exercise, everyone is different! There are secrets though, that you can learn that will help you keep off the pounds you’ve worked off, […]

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    Top 5 Health Threats Facing Women

    No matter what gender you identify with, biologically women and men are very different. Sure we face the same medical issues, but our biology predicts how our bodies react to these issues. For women to stay as healthy as possible, it’s important to know what the biggest challenges facing them would be. From there it’s […]

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    Top Health and Fitness Apps This Year

    There is literally an app for anything you could possibly need. Whether it’s an app to buy something, to organize something, to plan something, you can easily find it with a quick search. Fitness and health apps are especially popular and they even have their own category in the app stores. No matter how complex […]

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    Top Ab Exercises For Beginners

    Everyone wants those cut, lean, sculpted abs! It takes some work though – you need to build strength in those muscles, build a little bit of bulk and then shred the fat around the abs. If you’re new to strength training, you need to keep in mind that core is a very important part of […]