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    The Cost of Obesity [Infographic]

    Obese woman holding soda at a carnival

    Obesity is not just a huge health problem for individuals. It’s also a very costly problem for the economy. This infographic shows shocking statistics when it comes to obesity relates costs in the US. This infographic is a bit outdated, I bet the costs are even higher now. Maybe it’s time to start doing something? (Source)

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    Can You Burn Fat in Specific Areas?

    Can you burn fat in specific areas?

    Belly fat, love handles, tight gap, flabby arms, double chin – these are the most common problem areas women obsess about. They go out of their way to train those body parts to make them look toned. Various crunches, triceps extensions, squats and leg raises – all those ridiculous exercises just to look like that […]

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    The Science of Happiness [Infographic]

    Happy woman on a meadow field

    Ever wondered why some people are happier than the others? Me too, and now you can figure out exactly how to be happier with your life by analyzing this inforgraphic! Figure out what you’re currently not doing, apply it to your life and see how much difference it makes. Enjoy! (Source)

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    Struggling to Lose Weight? Unique New Product May Help!

    Struggling to lose weight? Unique new product may help!

    This post contains affiliate links and the website owner may get a small compensation if you make a purchase. Let’s face it, losing weight can be extremely difficult. On paper, it’s pretty straightforward – move more, eat less and your fat is supposed to take care of itself. However, the reality is quite different. Between balancing work […]

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    28 Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

    Weight loss featured image

    Weight loss is not an impossible task. Yes, it may be daunting at times but it’s absolutely doable. Also, it doesn’t matter how much weight you need to lose! Here’s the proof that with enough dedication anything is possible. Here are 28 amazing weight loss transformations you will not believe.

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    8 Reasons Why Veganism is a Cult of Delusional Bigots

    8 Reasons why veganism is a cult of delusional bigots

    Disclaimer: I have no problem with vegans who keep it to themselves and who went vegan for ethical reasons only. However, I absolutely despise the crazy radical ones. Veganism – at first glance, it’s a noble philosophy, which aims to completely exclude the use of animal products, be it food, clothes, make-up or everything in-between. However, with […]