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  • Struggling to lose weight? Unique new product may help!


    Struggling to Lose Weight? Unique New Product May Help!

    Advertisement This post contains affiliate links and the website owner may get a small compensation if you make a purchase. Let’s face it, losing weight can be extremely difficult. On paper, it’s pretty straightforward – move more, eat less and your fat is supposed to take care of itself. However, the reality is quite different. Between balancing […]

  • Weight loss featured image


    28 Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

    Advertisement Weight loss is not an impossible task. Yes, it may be daunting at times but it’s absolutely doable. Also, it doesn’t matter how much weight you need to lose! Here’s the proof that with enough dedication anything is possible. Here are 28 amazing weight loss transformations you will not believe.

  • 8 Reasons why veganism is a cult of delusional bigots


    8 Reasons Why Veganism is a Cult of Delusional Bigots

    Disclaimer: I have no problem with vegans who keep it to themselves and who went vegan for ethical reasons only. However, I absolutely despise the crazy radical ones. Veganism – at first glance, it’s a noble philosophy, which aims to completely exclude the use of animal products, be it food, clothes, make-up or everything in-between. However, with […]

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  • On a diet? Here's why you should take multivitamins


    On a Diet? Here’s Why You Should Take Multivitamins

    Are you in the middle of your weight loss journey, or maybe you’re just starting out? Chances are you’re on some kind of a diet. Which means that you will be restricting your calorie intake and probably limiting certain types of food. Personally, I don’t believe in diets, because weight loss is very straightforward and […]

  • Binge eating? Facebook may be the problem


    Binge Eating? Facebook May Be the Problem

    Facebook – the world’s most popular ‘social’ platform in the world. You probably have Facebook open right now in another tab, unless you’re at work, where there’s no access to it because of how much of a time waster it is. But this article is not about that, this article is about how quitting Facebook and other […]

  • How the media distorts the meaning of being fit


    How the Media Distorts the Meaning of Being Fit

    Open any magazine, watch any TV channel, go to YouTube and type ‘fitness’ – you’ll be instantly bombarded by muscular, shredded to the bone, veins thick like a thumb, guys that look like they can punch through a concrete wall. Same goes with women. Any women’s magazine shows stick skinny, almost CGI like, models, with perfect […]